Welcome to the Internet page of the Geant4-DNA project.

The Geant4 general purpose particle-matter Monte Carlo simulation toolkit is being extended with processes for the modeling of early biological damage induced by ionising radiation at the DNA scale. Such developments are on-going in the framework of the Geant4-DNA project - originally initiated by the European Space Agency/ESTEC - and are undertaken by an international collaboration.

Once published, all our developments are freely accessible in full open access through the Geant4 toolkit or through our freely accessible Geant4 Virtual Machine.

CENBG microbeam irradiation of a keratinocyte (HaCaT) with alpha particles
see the « 
microbeam » Geant4 advanced example -
- movie courtesy of L. Garnier (CNRS) -

Irradiation of a pBR322 plasmid, including radiolysis
- movie courtesy of V. Stepan (NPI-ASCR/CENBG/CNRS/IN2P3/ESA) -

On-going developments include

Dedicated example
applications are provided as well. Please refer to our list of publications and theses for more information.