The Geant4-DNA extension is
fully included in the Geant4 public distribution.

Users are supposed to be already familiar with Geant4, please see the Geant4

Regarding software installation, please refer to the Geant4 installation

Alternatively, for users who do not wish to install Geant4 by themselves, we also propose a
Geant4 Virtual Machine for VMWare™ or VirtualBox™ for Windows™ or macOS™, freely available for download at this link.

Geant4 Virtual Machines containing
Geant4 BETA versions are proposed in the following test directory.

You may follow the updates of our Geant4 Virtual Machines on Twitter @ Geant4VM



  • our source code is located in the $G4INSTALL/source/processes/electromagnetic/dna directory of Geant4.
  • the virtual machine, which hosts CentOS8 Linux, is currently not compatible with M1 Apple computers. We provide a detailed manual installation procedure for these computers at this link.